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Keeping Little Hands and Minds Engaged in Worship

I have to confess something right out of the gate. I am a doodler. If I am in a meeting or listening to a lecture and I have a pen in my hand, I am drawing little cartoon characters, cars, trees, flowers and the occasional crazy-awesome spacecraft. In between, I will stop to scribble a

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Minimizing Distractions in Worship

This is part three in an ongoing series of posts. Part one is here and part two is here.  In the previous installment I discussed the importance of setting and managing our expectations for ourselves and our children in worship. Among those I mentioned was the expectation that “children over four-to-five years of age are ordinarily physically and

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Setting Expectations for Children in Worship

This is the second article in a series – the first part is here. My wife and I have taken our daughter and son to quite a number of child-oriented entertainment and educational venues over the years, and we always come home with the same observation. Children are never expected to sit still, be quiet

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Raising Worshippers

One of the things I love most about our congregation and the churches of the CREC is that we have the base level expectation that our children are ordinarily going to be in worship with us. We are principally opposed to the practice of shipping Christian children off to nurseries, children’s church and other places,

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In Praise of Bookish Christians

One of the most popular criticisms made against Reformed Christians and pastors is that they put way too much emphasis on learning, reading and teaching and way too little emphasis on “real ministry”. Now “real ministry” is defined in a number of ways by these critics, but the allegation routinely leveled against us from many

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Cheap Happy Endings

I think I’m ready to come out and say it. I don’t like stories with happy endings. If you know me, you know I love stories. I really enjoy novels, and movies, and even well-done television series. I have have argued for the indispensable value of stories and defended fiction in many places. Students of the Bible and

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Beating Around the Bush

In any disagreement or conflict, the most difficult task is getting to the bottom of the issue and finding out what the real problem is between the accuser and the accused. Usually by the time the shouting begins, there has already been a long period of silent build-up, during which offenses are collected and catalogued

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The CREC Response to Supreme Court Obergefell Decision

June 27, 2015 In light of the Obergefell decision by the United States Supreme Court yesterday, the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches makes the following declaration. All the varied expressions of transgressive sexuality currently being celebrated in our culture, and now by the highest court in the land, are out of accord with God’s creational

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Bring it on

As you have read this morning, our Supreme Court has joined the agenda to redefine the word “marriage” and has ruled in favor of nationwide recognition of “gay marriage”. So what now? Are we going to be accused of hate speech and be subject to prosecution for reading Romans 1 out loud and actually believing

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