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Spiritual Healthnuts

In John’s third epistle, he writes “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” Perhaps we could rephrase his petition this way, “I pray that your physical health were just as good as your spiritual health.” He is writing in a day when Christians had

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Why our Boys Want to be Girls

Several years ago I said that the number one social crisis for our children’s generation will be the redefinition of what it means to be male and female. I could not have been more wrong. The schedule has been moved up and the crisis is now.  I am not the first to comment on the way

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The Holy Spirit Governs Us

In various places in the Scriptures we read about the works of the Holy Spirit. He encourages, convicts and guides. We read that we can sin against Him, that He works in unseen ways, mysterious ways, yes, but in material ways as well. The Spirit of God is the Person of the Trinity who extends God’s presence into

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The Spirit Unites us to Jesus

In Baptism the Holy Spirit gives to us the gift and promise of new life. We have all read Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus many many times and we remember how Jesus explains to this righteous, God-fearing Jew that there is something more required of him than simply submitting to Christ as a teacher. Jesus says, “Except

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The Spirit Gives Words

If you ask the average Christian what it means to be Spirit-filled, you would likely get a wide range of answers.  One answer would be that being Spirit-filled means that you have good warm feelings or excitement about God or the mission of the church. Some may profess to feel the Spirit moving when a

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The Spirit Gives Life

Genesis tells us that God breathed into Adam the breath of life. The original word for “breath” there is ruach,  the “Spirit” of life. Adam was animated by God’s Spirit. And from then on all men have derived their life from God’s Holy Spirit. In Job, Elihu understood this – 33:4 The Spirit of God has

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The Holy Spirit is for Real

Whenever Reformed Christians start to talk about the Holy Spirit it seems that we quickly find ourselves in uncharted waters. We know what God the Father has done for us, we know what Jesus has done for us, and it might be easy for us to relate to God as Father, or God as Older

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Praying for ISIS

The reports are sickening. Over the past several days we have heard one story after another recounting the attacks of Muslim militants upon Christians in various parts of the middle east. These attacks are precipitated upon the terrorists’ belief that the conflict between the Western world and the Muslim world is a religious conflict. They are

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April Book Club: Why the Filioque Matters

More thoughts on April’s book of the Month The Holy Spirit, by Sinclair Ferguson… As we saw in the last post, Ferguson’s book on the Holy Spirit is so helpful and valuable because he does not merely camp out on the subject of tongues and miracles and various spiritual gifts, but rather He provides a foundational study

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April Book Club: The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson

This month I will post a few items of interest and questions for discussion from The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson. You are welcome to interact with questions and comments below.  A Brief Review of The Holy Spirit by Sinclair Ferguson While you can read any number of books on the topic of the work and person

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