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How to Change the World Pt. 2

The statement “worship changes the world” strikes most Christians as a ridiculous proposition, because for most Christians attendance at worship is not a priority. It is secondary. It is non-essential. It is not perceived to be necessary for their lives, or their salvation. It is something that is okay to do, if you feel like it benefits you. Sure the church offers opportunities for fellowship and service and gives you connections in the community.

We think, preaching is okay, if it grabs your interest, but you can get that anywhere – radio, internet, television. Worship helps us along in our Christian life, a little bit. But it isn’t like it’s the end of the world if we miss it. It really is nice when you need it, but it has very little to do with our spiritual health. That’s what our quiet time is for. That’s what our private devotion is for. That’s how our thinking typically goes.

Folks miss worship for the slightest reason and it really doesn’t even faze them. They say, “Oh we’re on vacation.” as if Sunday is only the Lord’s day when we’re at home. “But when we’re on the road, you know, it’s just tough to find a place to worship. And going to find a church would just mess up our plans.”

Or you might hear, “You know, we have people in town, and uncle Fred doesn’t go to church, and I don’t get to see him every day.” Or you hear, “We have a ball game,” or “a project that we didn’t get to finish around the house.”, or “we stayed out too late on Saturday night.” And we are supposed to nod our heads understandingly because, of course, these are all very legitimate reasons for skipping worship.

We don’t have an appreciation for the fact that worship is central. It is central for my relationship to the Lord Jesus. It is central for my family’s life. It is central for the world. You and I and the whole cosmos together are shaped and molded and transformed by worship. It is the one opportunity you get every week to meet with your Creator, to stand in his presence and to speak to Him and eat with Him. And you skip it because uncle Fred is sleeping on your pull-out couch? You skip an appointment with the Creator of the universe because you didn’t set your alarm?

We think like this because we don’t know who we are or what we were created for. We were created for worship. We’ll explore this idea next time.

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