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July 2017

Keeping Little Hands and Minds Engaged in Worship

I have to confess something right out of the gate. I am a doodler. If I am in a meeting or listening to a lecture and I have a pen in my hand, I am drawing little cartoon characters, cars, trees, flowers and the occasional crazy-awesome spacecraft. In between, I will stop to scribble a

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Minimizing Distractions in Worship

This is part three in an ongoing series of posts. Part one is here and part two is here.  In the previous installment I discussed the importance of setting and managing our expectations for ourselves and our children in worship. Among those I mentioned was the expectation that “children over four-to-five years of age are ordinarily physically and

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Setting Expectations for Children in Worship

This is the second article in a series – the first part is here. My wife and I have taken our daughter and son to quite a number of child-oriented entertainment and educational venues over the years, and we always come home with the same observation. Children are never expected to sit still, be quiet

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Raising Worshippers

One of the things I love most about our congregation and the churches of the CREC is that we have the base level expectation that our children are ordinarily going to be in worship with us. We are principally opposed to the practice of shipping Christian children off to nurseries, children’s church and other places,

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