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2015 Family Conference with Pastor Virgil Hurt

By Duane Garner

While the Christian home ought to be a warm refuge from anxiety and fear, for many Christians the home is something less than a place of happiness, fruitfulness and discipleship. While we desperately want to see our family-life transformed by the joy and love of Jesus, we often feel powerless to effect the kind of change that we need.

In this series of talks titled “The Joyful Home”, Pastor Virgil Hurt will explore the various dimensions of family life together with our duties and blessings. He will walk us through the stages of child-rearing and encourage parents in their responsibilities at every age. We will see our vital need for a living communion with the body of Christ, and the role that the saints play in our own family’s joy and sanctification.
We hope your family will join us for this three-day event, February 27 – March 1, and will grow in the delight of belonging to Jesus and His people.
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