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April 2014

How to Change the World, Pt. 3

In the last entry it was proposed that mankind was created by God primarily for worship. Where do we get this idea? From the first pages of the Bible we find that God created Adam, the first man, for worship. That is, Adam’s job and the purpose of his being was to glorify his creator

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How to Change the World Pt. 2

The statement “worship changes the world” strikes most Christians as a ridiculous proposition, because for most Christians attendance at worship is not a priority. It is secondary. It is non-essential. It is not perceived to be necessary for their lives, or their salvation. It is something that is okay to do, if you feel like

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How to Change the World

How would you like to change the world? Does that sound exciting? I’m sure like most people, you don’t like the way things are.  You don’t like the darkness and the ignorance and the poverty and the sin and the death. Great, let’s get started. What are we going to do? When we ask that

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