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Christians agree: Worship must be biblical in theology and practice. But what does the Bible teach about liturgy?

About this Event

How Should We Worship?

We live in a time of liturgical chaos. Some remake Christian worship into the image of a rock concert, while others retreat into safe traditionalism.

Neither the present nor the past can serve as our liturgical standard. Christian worship must be biblical in theology and practice.

To be fully biblical, worship must be shaped by everything God reveals, in both Old and New Testaments.

To be fully biblical, worship must be saturated with Scripture – Scripture read, Scripture preached, Scripture sung, Scripture prayed.

To be fully biblical, worship must be the source of streams of living water, forming congregations ready for courageous witness.

To be fully biblical, worship must be communion with the God of the gospel, the Father who sent His Son to draw us to Himself in His Spirit.

In this regional course, we explore the basic categories of biblical worship – temple, purity, sacrifice, song, food, communion, prayer, Sabbath and festive calendar.

Within this biblical framework, we address questions of liturgical practice: Should we baptize infants? How often should we have communion? Should the minister wear a robe? Should there be pictures on the walls or windows of the church?

We won’t merely talk about worship. We will worship morning, noon, and evening, so that our talk about worship may be caught up into acts of worship.



Options & Schedule

Attendees have two options. For $20, students can sign up for two full days of teaching, worship, and discussion. The schedule for Friday and Saturday is as follows:

Friday and Saturday

8:00 Coffee and snacks

8:30 Matins

9:00 Advanced Lectures

12:00 Sext

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Seminar

4:30 Adjourn for the afternoon

7:00 Vespers and Lecture

Alternatively, students can attend the evening sessions, which start with a Vespers service on Friday and Saturday. Evening sessions are free and open to the public


Triangle Community Church

4216 Kildaire Farm Road

Apex, NC 27539